CRB Checks

CRB Checks - Fast Paperless Service

Welcome to CRD's CRB Checks service, one of the first of its kind to offer a complete electronic solution for CRB disclosure applications.

Handling the process of Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure applications was CRD's main competence from the very first day the CRB introduced the scheme in April 2002. Seven years of experience with the older paper based CRB check has ensured we're able to deliver an unparalleled online CRB Check service.

  CRB Application Using a Paper Form CRB Application Using CRB Checks by CRD
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Delivery Times: Reliant on postal services. Instantaneous. We receive your CRB check application as soon as you have completed it.
Error Handling: The paper CRB check application form is placed on hold until all the errors have been manually corrected. All applicant input is validated in real time.
Application Tracking: Unavailable until the CRB receive the paper CRB check form. Your CRB check can be tracked from the moment it is submitted to us by you.
Application Management: Stressful and time-consuming process. Performed with ease from any location via your dashboard page and using our advanced search and reporting tools.
Certificate Management: Manual administration is required. eCertificate management is handled by our CRB Checks system for you.